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Earth-Friendly Education

Earth-Friendly Education


At Little Star Children’s Centre, childhood is celebrated and families are valued.
We have a deep respect for nature, the environment, for ourselves, our friends and for our surroundings. We promote a lifelong love of learning; offering inspired, inclusive, and developmentally appropriate activities to nurture a child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual (moral) growth.

Practical Life: These exercises relate directly to daily living; they are everyday activities the children observe being carried out in the world around them. While learning self-care and social interaction skills, the children gain independence, competency, confidence and respect for their surroundings. By exploring and manipulating materials, they also develop fine motor control, which is essential for future coordination and development.

The Nature Table: Throughout the year, we will have an ever-inspiring, ever-changing table of natural treasures. Children are encouraged to bring and share with their classmates, seasonal items that they have found. Examples include: small special stones, pinecones, nests, wild-bird eggshells, seashells, etc.

Art: Beauty is all around us. The children will have open access to a variety of art supplies and mediums. Each day will hold a special art activity to inspire creativity and self-expression. The artistic styles of celebrated artists from around the world will be introduced to the children, and they in turn will have opportunities to create their own masterpieces based upon their own interpretations.

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